Every week we'll highlight one of our partners we've visited, enjoyed and/or utilized. It might be a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, golf course, service, resort/hotel - really, just about anything you can imagine in and around Scottsdale.

What is Scottsdale's hot spot this week? Great specialty cocktails? Awesome food and exciting people watching? Answer: the Americano #theamericano, located on North Scottsdale Road. It's a hot #itshot restaurant & bar with an attitude and vibe not to be missed. And, by the way, the pretty people were definitely out!

Our staff visited The Americano this past week and it was an absolutely fabulous night out. The staff was attentive and really on top of it (not literally of course). The wine was oh so enjoyable! Hungry, the food was awesome and better yet, it was happy hour (great value)! Oh, did I mention people watching? Well, talk about the beautiful people, Scottsdale is known for its beautiful people and this is no exception. The bar was alive, almost electric!

It's hip and IT'S HOT #itshot and while at the Americano #greatrestaurant we had the pleasure of meeting a true hottie, Karyn Smith, the holistic hottie #holistichottie to be exact, and we highly recommend you visit her youtube channel. She is sexy, fit, fun, and healthy – what more could you want?

Don't forget, IT'S HOT and it's Scottsdale Road #scottsdaleroad,visit our online store and pick out a shirt or hat and let everyone know where your heart is!

Conclusion - the Americano is a great place to see and be seen, great specialty cocktails #greatcocktails, happy hour cuisine #greatfood and a vibe that's like no other. While your there ask for Pareda (pronounced pa-ree-day), he's the main man or Nicholas, he's the head sommelier. Either one of these two gentlemen will be more than happy to see to it that your visit to the Americano is a memorable one!

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