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Best Spots in Scottsdale: the list is long and worthwhile! Here's our absolute favorite!

At, we absolutely adore the Living Room Wine Cafe and Lounge! For nearly three years now, it has been one of our top picks for a night out that will be truly unforgettable. From its ambiance to its selection of wine and cuisine, the Living Room #amazing is truly the total package. Don't miss out on this amazing experience!

The Living Room is the place to be! Cozy, comfortable and romantic, this spot is as close to home as you can get away from home. With large tables, deep couches and overstuffed pillows, it's the perfect spot to enjoy top-notch food and drinks. From an extensive wine selection to every cocktail under the sun, you'll never run out of options. For a memorable evening, take advantage of the hip house DJ and lively atmosphere. Sushi lovers, don't forget to try their K.I.G, Poppin, and Vegas rolls and their unbeatable Lollipop Lamb-Chops #greatfood . And don't forget to say hello to the owner, Tom Kaufman!

The Living Room just got even better! The new/expanded dining area is perfect for larger events and can accommodate even the largest of groups. But don't worry, it still maintains the same cozy atmosphere that it's known for. Plus, the New Speakeasy is ready for you to explore. You don't need a secret password - everyone is welcome! There's no better place than The Living Room for a memorable evening. Get ready for great food, drinks and lots of fun! #greatvibes

Head over to The Living Room, the place to be in Scottsdale! It's cozy, hip and happening, and serves up some of the tastiest food and cocktails around. Tom Kaufman will be so happy to see you! That's why gives The Living Room FIVE STARS on the wonderful-meter!

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