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The Scottsdale business corridor is the lifeblood of the city; showcasing small businesses, exquisite dining, world-class shopping, events and so much more. Our goal, with our expert reviews, is to provide a guide as to where to go, what to do and why we rate it as such.  We'll let you in on the good, the bad and the spectacular with our simple and brief reviews. Scottsdale Road - It's Hot!


Eddie V's Restaurant - December 18th, 2020:

I begin this review by saying this was my best total dining experience yet! Eddie V's Restaurant is definitely a top pick in the Scottsdale Quarter and all of Scottsdale for that matter. The "total dining experience" begins with Eddie V's warm, inviting and non-pretentious atmosphere (truly a cut above). Next, the staff is second-to-none from the moment you walk through the doors. The hostesses, wait staff and management ensured my dining experience would be unforgettable and they did not disappoint!

Now, let's get into the wonderful fare at Eddie V's. I began my culinary endeavor with a couple selections from the appetizer menu. First, the Lobster Tacos were fantastic, full of flavor, a little spice, and packed with lobster - a must try. Second, the Crab-Cake; the Crab-Cake was arguably the best we've ever had - yes, the best! If crab is what you crave, this one is packed with crab, packed with flavor and beyond belief. If you try nothing else, you must have the crab-cake. You will not be disappointed - guaranteed!

For the salad, the Warm Goat Cheese and Wild Mushroom salad was the perfect mix of soft, warm goat cheese and roasted mushrooms, atop a bed of arugula with a light cider vinaigrette - the perfect compliment to the appetizers and a prelude of what was yet to come.

For my entrees, the Surf & Turf and Chilean Sea Bass were recommended, and a wonderful recommendation they were.  The filet was cooked to perfection, slightly charred on the outside with a warm pink center - seasoned to perfection, and so tender I could cut it with a fork! If that wasn't enough, the perfect filet was topped with two grilled colossal shrimp! Now if that doesn't get your mouth watering  the Chilean Sea Bass certainly will. The Sea Bass was steamed, Hong Kong style, and served in a light soy broth - AMAZING flavor and literally melted in my mouth. Quick note: if you ever dine at a high-end restaurant and your selections aren't brought to the table on a hot dish/plate get up and walk out. They simply don't know what they're doing. Eddie V's does it right and they pay attention to every detail - every detail!


Oh, I almost forgot to mention, let your server recommend a bottle of wine with which to enjoy your dining experience. Eddie V's offers one of the more impressive selections in Scottsdale and because the servers and management really know what they're doing, will recommend the perfect compliment to enjoy your steak or seafood. These folks really know what they're doing and their only focus is you.


To finish the perfect meal something sweet is always in order, and while I strongly considered the Bananas Foster Butter Cake, I opted for the selection of Fresh Seasonal Berries served with Fresh, Homemade Whipped Cream. Truly the perfect ending to the perfect meal. By the way, I observed the servers delivering the Bananas Foster Butter Cake to neighboring tables, and the presentation was awe inspiring as it is flaming table-side and filled the area with an aroma that made me want one to take home with me!


I realize you have many options, of some truly great restaurants in the Scottsdale area, but if you desire a second-to-none dining experience, Eddie V's is a must! I promise Petros, Eric, Richard and the rest of the staff at Eddie V's won't disappoint, and that's precisely why I give Eddie V's Restaurant, located in the Scottsdale Quarter my highest rating! Eddie V's - IT'S HOT!

Toca Madera Restaurant - December 10th, 2020:

Let's start this review by simply saying WOW! Toca Madera Restaurant is one of the more unique venues in all of Scottsdale. Toca is billed as a "modern take on traditional Mexican cuisine." I think that's code for awesome flavors. I had my meal served at the bar, as the bar happened to be the most lively area of the restaurant. It started with a couple of appetizers; traditional Guacamole with plantain chips. While the guacamole was wonderful and packed with the flavors you'd expect, I found the plantain chips to be a little lacking on flavor and a bit flat. I also ordered the Calamari Frito, which was served up nice and hot, and while it was very good, there was nothing that set it apart from any other calamari, but good nonetheless.


When in Rome, or Mexico as it were - I had to try some of the classics. This meal's focus was on the ever-popular taco. Let me tell you, these tacos were off the charts great! I ordered both the Chicken Tinga and the Sea Bass Ensenada tacos and was definitely not disappointed. Both were extremely flavorful and cooked to perfection, and with a little kick to boot. The sign of a great taco, is once you've finished, you want more! These tacos get my highest recommendation for certain as I definitely wanted more! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that dinner was served with an ice-cold Pacifico Beer with salted rim and lime - absolutely perfect to accompany the meal. following the meal, I ordered one of Taca's signature tequila cocktails.  I think the bartender called this one the "Alma Del Sol" (which translates to soul of the sun) and it was truly heavenly.  By the way, Taca offers one of the more impressive tequila selections I ever seen - truly a sight to behold. . .


I would be remiss if I didn't mention the truly unique vibe of Toca Madera; not only was it packed with the prettiest people in Scottsdale, but it is warm and cozy with warm fires burning throughout. The atmosphere definitely gets five stars as it was all brought to life with a thumping sound that gets your heart pumping!


At the end of the day, we all know it's the people that can either make or break your restaurant and Toca's people were terrific! One of the standouts was my bartender Keefer, who was fabulous! Friendly, knowledgeable and a credit to the profession. If I had a younger sister I'd send right up to Keefer's bar!

I can pretty much guarantee you won't be disappointed with Toca Madera, from it's signiture tequila cocktails, flavorful tacos, and upbeat/electric atmosphere you simply can't go wrong. Make a night of it for a special date, a family affair or time with friends! We recommend Toca Madera and give it four stars! Cheers!

Mastro's Restaurant - November 25th, 2020:

What I love about Mastro's Restaurant of N. Scottsdale; I love a good steak, therefore I love Mastro's. It's a traditional, high-end steakhouse through and through. Mastro's is fine dining for certain with flavorful cuts of beef, tasty seafood and more. I had the petite filet (medium) and a lobster tail,  both of which were heavenly and cooked to perfection. The side dishes are also amazing with the Gorgonzola Mack-N-Cheese one of my favorites which rounded out my meal. The bar offers quaint seating and a wonderful selection of libations. The bar staff definitely aims to please as they work hard to create a memorable experience. Mastro's is exactly what you would expect from a high-end steakhouse on all accounts including; food, dining experience, service/servers, atmosphere, wine list and cocktails.

With Mastro's is pretty much "what you see is what you get". When we say high-end steakhouse that's exactly what we mean. Be prepared to shell-out a few bucks for this meal as it will run you about $200 depending on your wine and drink selections.

The Living Room Wine Cafe & Lounge - November 21st, 2020:

What I love about The Living Room; well pretty I love pretty much everything about this place.  For what it is, I think it's one of SR's best picks in N. Scottsdale. It's got a hip vibe, a pretty crowd, great food, great cocktails, very comfortable living-room-like seating and great service/servers.


I started my dining experience with a chicken pesto flatbread that was great! Crispy crust, moist chicken and a wonderful flavor. Next, for my entree, I ordered several sushi rolls, which by the way were fantastic. I recommend the K.I.G., the Poppin, and the Vegas rolls. For not being a "sushi" restaurant, they've got fantastic rolls that did not disappoint. I'm guessing Tom Kaufman stole the chef from one of the local sushi restaurants or maybe he brought him over from Japan. Either way, the sushi was great. To finish my dining experience I had to try the Warm Pizza Cookie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce - AWESOME! Oh, and I didn't forget a bourbon on the rocks to round out the perfect meal, ah. . . the perfect ending to the perfect meal.


I recommend The Living Room for a host of reasons from the personal touch, Owner Tom Kaufman ads as he works the room and interacts with his patrons, to its fabulous atmosphere.  The bar staff is good and always friendly. Did I mention, this is a great date spot and can only add to the romantic experience you might have already planned?

There's nothing I don't like about the Living Room! Give it a try, it won't disappoint!

The Americano Restaurant - November 13th, 2020:

What I love about The Americano Restaurant; it's one of SR's "go-to" spots in N. Scottsdale. It's got a hip vibe, a "pretty" crowd, good food, great cocktails and great service/servers.  Channel at the front greets you with a smile to get your experience started (by the way she's great and quite friendly).


For my meal; I started off with the traditional Caesar salad, which was adequate. For my entree I ordered the Agnello Fiorentini housemade pasta and it was quite tasty.  That said, it was served lukewarm. In my book, that's a rookie mistake and for a restaurant of this caliber that should never happen. I followed my meal with a true classic, the tiramisu - and it certainly did not disappoint - it was excellent!


I really like The Americano for it's location, for the personal touch the General Manager and Sommelier add and for the friendly staff.  In particular, I like the bar staff as they usually always remember what I'm drinking and usually never forget my name.  How great is that!

All in all, The Americano is a good restaurant and bar for all of the above-mentioned reasons but with all the top-notch dining available in Scottsdale, I'm going to have to rate it good/above average and give it my two thumbs up.

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