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What's the Best Way to Get High in Scottsdale? A Hot Air Balloon Flight, of Course - It's Hot!


Each week we ask a question like what's the hottest thing to do, place to go, food to eat, festival to attend, and so on. This week we ask this simple question: what's the best way to get high in Scottsdale? Answer: a hot air balloon flight with Rainbow Ryders #rainbowryders Hot Air Balloon Ride Company. Filled with excitement, romance and adventure, a hot air balloon flight is just what the doctor ordered! It's Hot! #itshot

This week we're highlighting our newest partner - Rainbow Ryders #hotairballoonrides. Rainbow Ryders is the nation's largest hot air balloon ride company and as luck would have it, they're located right here in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area! They operate the safest FAA certified aircraft in the industry, and the Rainbow Ryders staff is comprised of the safest most experienced pilots and crew members you could ever hope to find. What more could you ask for? I'm thinking a cold bottle of champagne at 7:00AM to celebrate!! I'm in, let's do this!

Our Scottsdale Road #scottsdaleroad field reporter had the pleasure of taking a flight with Rainbow Ryders this past week and she hasn't quit talking about it. She said, and I quote; "I had so much fun I nearly peed my pants." Straight from her mouth to our blog!

Conclusion - When you're looking to "check one off the old bucket list" #bucketlist take a flight with Rainbow Ryders and experience adventure and romance like never before. I really mean that. I've found that you can talk about a hot air balloon flight but until you've actually experienced it for yourself, you just don't get it. Those first few moments right after take-off - WOW! My friends, you can't even imagine, just come on out and get high with Rainbow Ryders. . .

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