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Scottsdale-Road has a once in a lifetime offer for it's members, partners, and friends.

The Waste Management/Phoenix Open* is just around the corner and the Scottsdale-Road hot air balloon flight crew is now taking reservations for a flight over the TPC Scottsdale Golf Course*.  That's right, you can book a hot air balloon flight over the Waste Management/Phoenix Open! Space is extremely limited and your excursion must be booked early!


This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  We are now accepting reservations for flights over the TPC Scottsdale golf course - Waste Management/Phoenix Open!  Space is extremely limited for our early morning flights and we have only a  few spots still available.

How Long Will the Experience Last?

The total experience will span approximately four (4) hours from initial meeting to final drop-off. Our actual air time will have a duration of 45 minutes to one-hour (depending on weather conditions, wind speed, and wind direction). We will meet at a predetermined location as we determine the best site enabling us to fly over the course.

What Should You Wear?

We recommend dressing in layers as the early mornings are quite cool.  Once the sun rises the temperature will follow, at that point you can start shedding layers to be more comfortable. We also recommend outdoor wear, long pants, hat, sunglasses and closed-toed flat shoes.

What Time Do We Meet?

We will meet approximately 45 minutes prior to sunrise in order to plan our flight path.  Next we will fill out the required paperwork, conduct our initial flight briefing, then begin our adventure.

What About the Weather?

Weather is the most important component of a safe flight, therefore, if weather delays or forces the flight crew to cancel the flight a full refund will be issued.  Undesirable winds (both on the ground and at altitude), and rain are the most frequent reasons for flight cancellations and/or delays.

Are There Any Limitations/Requirements?

In order to take a flight all passengers must be tall enough to see over the top of the gondola railing (usually seven years of age and older).  Additionally, we are unable to fly pregnant passengers due to insurance requirements.  If you have any additional concerns regarding physical limitations we recommend consulting with your doctor prior to booking your flight.

After the Flight

Immediately following the flight and subsequent pack-up of the equipment we will have a celebratory toast with a wonderful bottle of champagne (non-alcoholic beverages will also be available).

What Will this Once In a Lifetime Experience Cost Me?

Exclusive flight rates are as follows - because the Waste Management/Phoenix Open is an annual event with limited capacity, our flights are exclusive and very limited.  Our rate, per passenger (adult/child) is $1,150/per person with a capacity of three to four (3 - 4) passengers per flight (depending on weight and ambient temperature).  For additional information or to book a flight please call (480) 434-5347.  Please leave a message and one of our staff will return your call/inquiry within 24 hours.

About the pilot and crew

The pilot is an FAA certified commercial pilot with more than 37 years experience flying hot air balloons.  He has flown throughout the country and has hundreds upon hundreds of flight experience. The crew is also a vital part of the experience and has many, many years of experience.  This flight crew has a great deal of experience and will always do their best to make your experience safe (safety is always first) and absolutely best that it can possibly be!


* Company, logos, event and product names are trademarks or registered of their respective companies.  Space for this offer is limited so early booking may be necessary.  Weather permitting, weight and capacity restrictions may apply.  Liability wavers, release forms and/or consent are mandatory for all flights/flight operations, and are required for all passengers and crew members prior to engaging in the activity.  Flight window for the TPC Scottsdale excursion will be 2/7/2023 thru 2/11/2023 only.

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