Six principles have been created that drive people to talk and share all sorts of content. These six principles are:

1. Social currency – We share things that make us look good.

2. Triggers – If people are frequently reminded of your product, they talk about it more often.

3. Emotions – We are more likely to share things that evoke high arousal emotions like anger, excitement, amusement.

4. Observability – That’s a huge part of whether products and ideas catch on. We believe other people are right or they know something we don’t and we imitate their actions.

5. Practical value – We often share ideas and solutions which proved to be useful for us.

6. Stories – Stories make a deeper impression on your listeners. They can kindle a spark that will set up a fire of conversations about you. When you tell a story related to the product it promotes – from there it’s pretty much downhill.




St. Mary’s Food Bank is truly a community-based organization. Individual donors, corporate donors, and private grants help feed hungry individuals and families in our area. Serving 9 of Arizona’s 15 counties, we are committed to volunteerism, building community relationships and improving the quality of life for Arizonans in need. St. Mary’s Food Bank serves to alleviate hunger through the gathering and distribution of food while encouraging self-sufficiency, collaboration, advocacy and education.

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