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Six principles have been created that drive people to talk and share all sorts of content. These six principles are:

1. Social currency – We share things that make us look good.

2. Triggers – If people are frequently reminded of your product, they talk about it more often.

3. Emotions – We are more likely to share things that evoke high arousal emotions like anger, excitement, amusement.

4. Observability – That’s a huge part of whether products and ideas catch on. We believe other people are right or they know something we don’t and we imitate their actions.

5. Practical value – We often share ideas and solutions which proved to be useful for us.

6. Stories – Stories make a deeper impression on your listeners. They can kindle a spark that will set up a fire of conversations about you. When you tell a story related to the product it promotes – from there it’s pretty much downhill.


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